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How you make a simple $_GET script for pages.

Designs and other graphics.

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How to make a good layout on the page/menu
Desktop and All Programs(XP) loads slow
Computer screen is dirty
Screen goes black when you play some games
Become active in DC++ with a router or firewall

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How to make a good layout on the page/menu.
Follow these simple steps to make a prefect page layout.
Step 1: What is important? The stuff you want your visitors to realy see should be put in a way so they spot it!
Step 2: New should always be sorted by date, latest first.
Step 3: Catagorise you stuff ex. Sub menues or other method.
Step 4: Don't have it so messy, make it good so your visitors don't get confused, or don't find what they're looking for.
Step 5: Make something good with these steps, be creative!