Welcome to Coolsnille.SE and .COM.
This is a site för everybody with different things to download, and different tutorials.
You have chosen the language English, but we're very sorry that we haven't had time to make a cookie, that would be on your computer and remeber the language you've chose.
But we hope that you'll like this site any way.
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3rd of November 2006
- The work on the site has started again, don't know what to do, but I'll think of something.

24th of May 2006 - New "Dude" made for the site, there is a preview at ofourse, The "Dude" page.
New design on the horizon with the new "Dude".

April 21st 2006 - Don't have much time to work with the site at the moment being, think i'll be working more with it once summer is here when i got all time in the world.

January 25th 2006 - Finally the site is up again(Billing problems) and will be updated ASAP, just need to finnish my finals in school which start next week.
What have i been up to then? Been rotting infront of this big can of electronic stuff of course, made a mix with the Windows sounds, that i can't put up on the site yet(Must ask Microsoft for permission).

November 15th 2005 - Have to take down the forum because some turks think they're so fucking cool when they change it.
Will also report this to the police, hope they know that everything can be traced.

The "Dude" has been resurrected and will be usefull once more.